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5 good reasons to choose

Pilates Air Seat

1. Improved Body Awareness: The Pilates Air Seat encourages micro-movements that enhance body awareness and balance, which is fundamental in Pilates training.

2. Core Strengthening: The flexible surface of an Air Seat requires continuous muscle activity, especially from the core muscles, contributing to a stronger body.

3. Increased Muscle Flexibility and Mobility: The seat ensures a healthy and strong back by exercising the back muscles. Pilates Air Seat demands the body to "focus on sitting," thereby actively strengthening and maintaining the muscle groups in the abdomen and back while you sit.

4. Ensures Conditions for Optimal Performance: The Pilates Air Seat creates a perfect symbiosis between activity and rest. This means you can find harmony between your body's needs and your work tasks, balancing your body and work.

5. Counteracts Motor Restlessness: The Pilates seat is designed to subtly promote constant movement, which can be especially beneficial for those experiencing motor restlessness. The gentle rocking and stabilizing motion allowed by the seat improves concentration by channeling restless energy constructively. The cycle of movement and focused stillness is ideal for both work and learning environments.