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More than just a chair 

A chair is just a chair until you sit down. At Global Stole, it is our vision to improve the working environment in workplaces all over the world with ergonomic, practical and durable seating solutions.

For 50 years, we have designed and produced our chairs at our own factory in Denmark. Here we combine old craftsmanship with modern machines and robotic technology to create innovative and durable seating solutions for the professional market.

We continuously work to develop innovative seating solutions in close collaboration with experts in the field. Our Active Seating concept is a concrete example of where we, together with occupational therapists, have developed chairs where the user does not have to focus on sitting correctly. Active Seating automatically provides the correct sitting position so that the user can focus on his work tasks.

Customers all over the world prefer our chairs because of the high quality of the chairs and the flexibility in the construction of the individual chair, where the combination possibilities are almost endless. Good customer service, fast delivery and low complaint rates are natural elements in cooperation with our customers. And of course our company is certified according to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Our customers also choose us because we work purposefully with both sustainability and the working environment. Our green agenda continuously focuses on responsibility, resource consumption and the choice of raw materials in our continuous efforts for environmentally correct improvements and a reduced CO2 footprint on the world around us. Our biggest contribution to a greener world is the long durability of the chairs and the ability to replace wearing parts easily and quickly.

Our respect for integrity and the detail does not only apply to our products, but also to our working environment, where we focus on safety, job satisfaction and commitment through openness and varying tasks.

We believe that the joy of sitting contributes to the joy of work, which affects the joy of life.


Have a look at our new profile video. It gives a good insight into our daily life and some of our many skills.