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Cleaning and maintenance

Extends the look and longevity of the chair

Regular cleaning is important to maintain the look and feel of the upholstery fabric. Dust and dirt can change colors and accelerate
wear. It contributes to a poor indoor climate and also degrades the fire-retardant properties.


Regular vacuuming with a soft mouthpiece or wiped with dry or damp cloth.

Wet stains

Soak up the liquid with a towel. Put a new piece of paper towel on the stain and repeat until no more can be absorbed.
Finish by dipping the stain until it is completely gone.

Greasy stains

Remove as much of the stain as possible with a spatula or teaspoon. Dip with a piece of dry towel until the stain is almost completely gone. Then gently dip with paper towel moistened with soap and water. Repeat if necessary. Finish with dry paper to soak up any. humidity.

Special difficult stains

Use foam cleaning, make your own if necessary by getting detergent to foam. Apply the foam with a clean soft brush by rubbing gently in circulating movements.
Finish with dry paper.

NB: Synthetic leather will dry out and crack if exposed to chemicals of any kind. Also, to prevent breakage, do not use greasy and oily substances for either cleaning and maintenance.