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5 good reasons to choose a saddlechair

Saddle chairs are no longer just a trend; they have become an essential element in modern office setups – and there are strong arguments for this!

1. Improved posture: By promoting a more natural sitting position, saddle chairs ensure that your spine remains in its correct curve, preventing back problems and supporting a healthy spine.

2. Promotes blood circulation: Without pressing on the thighs or the back of the knees, the design of the saddle stool supports healthier blood flow to your legs and feet.

3. Increased comfort and mobility: Advanced adjustment mechanisms promote personal customization, allowing the user to change positions easily and maintain comfort throughout the day.

4. Strengthening the core: Your trunk works actively while sitting on a saddle chair, which over time strengthens the muscles and improves your balance and stability.

5. Increased productivity and focus: The "Active Seating" philosophy behind saddle chairs ensures increased blood circulation, enhances physical well-being, and contributes to mental clarity and improved work efficiency. You don’t need to concentrate on sitting correctly, the chair does it for you and you can focus all your attention on your task.