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Quality and sustainability policy

Good quality and environmental awareness are a matter of attitude!

Our goal is to make sure that our customers get the best possible experience with our chairs, so that we remain an attractive supplier of ergonomic seat solutions.


Through ISO 9001, processes, values, ongoing monitoring and evaluation are clearly defined, giving Global Stole a solid foundation for quality management and a focus on creating improvements and keeping the company competitive.

We focus on ergonomics, functionality and durability. We produce our products in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements and international furniture standards.


Through ISO 14001, our work with risk assessment of the company's environmental conditions is supported and helps us to proactively implement the environment and sustainability as part of the core business. ISO 14001 also strengthen our work on sustainability, the circular economy and the UN's global goals.

  • Sustainable life cycle - Through in-house production, we ensure the highest quality and long life, which makes Global's chairs environmentally and economically sustainable. Furthermore, we ensure that all wearing parts in our products can be replaced.
  • Sustainable production - We continuously substitute products and raw materials with more environmentally friendly alternatives. In addition, we have converted 100% of our energy consumption to renewable and CO2-neutral energy, produced by Danish wind power.
  • Green business plan - We seek to create transparency in CO2 exposure and recyclability. In 2022, we have completed the basis for a green business plan, which will be a central part of our work with the environment and world goals in the future.

We have chosen to focus on the 6 world goals below.

June 22nd 2022

Peter Voigt Bertelsen