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Tetra stool with sway base

The square seat allows for a new seating position.

The chair is light and can be moved quickly. The seat can rotate and is very soft due to the extra padding. The seat height is easily adjusted with a genuine leather strap. With the flexible sway base, you achieve micro-movements that strengthen your body and keep it going.
The chair is available in a large selection of fabrics and colors.

This stool is upholstered with 40 mm. cold foam and has 500 mm. sway base.

Seat: 31x31 cm.

Seat height medium gas spring: 50-69 cm.


3D model and Mixed reality

With this QR code you get the opportunity to visualize your chair in your own environment. Scan it with your mobile phone or tablet and let the model be placed in the real world.

Does not work optimally in Microsoft Internet Explorer. We recommend that you use a different browser. For example Chrome or Firefox.


Artikelnummer: 83 2 964